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Dell XPS 15z fan not working. Error Code: 2000-0511 Validation 24186

My XPS 15z laptop fan stopped working, I exactly don't remember how many days ago. Now, the laptop heats up and shuts down abruptly making even normal use also nearly impossible.

I had to remove battery as it had swollen ( strange, I know ! ) and ordered a new one. So the laptop currently uses only AC power to run. 

Could it be that without the battery, sufficient power doesn't reach the fan and it doesn't spin? Fan does jerk every few seconds but cannot spin properly

After pressing F12 and performing diagnostics, the Error Code received: 2000-0511 and Validation Code: 24186.

Thanks !

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No - if the fan doesn't spin freely, the bearing is shot.  Replace the fan.


Hi ejn63,

The fans does spin freely. I recently used another fan on the machine and even that doesn't work.

Any other ideas ?


That strongly suggests the fan is OK - but the temperature sensor or fan sensor is not.  Unfortunately, those cannot be replaced short of replacing the mainboard - which is your next step.  Replace the system board.


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