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Dell XPS 9300 9310 WORST QUALITY CONTROL of any laptop and Dell Support is a nightmare

I am an unfortunate Dell XPS customer. First XPS 9300 had a faulty display so I complaint and received a replacement in just over 60 days which again arrived faulty (Faulty hinge, faulty trackpad, heating issues, Fan noise, battery drain in idle) it was a nightmare so I placed another complain and got the approval for replacement.  My Dell XPS 9300 was approved for replacement on the 22nd OCt 2020. Now its been almost 70 days and my replacement is not yet processed/processing. I don't even know what's the progress with my replacement. There is zero communication from Dell and they don't reply to my mails. I have sent them more than 2 dozen mails and they never respond... When I call the technical support they tell me my request is "processing" with the replacement team and that they have no option to know the status of my request. I am seriously fed up with Dell and I wish I had bought a Macbook. This laptop (XPS 9300) has only made my life very stressful.. its a nuisance to deal with Dell support and my last five months have gone running after Dell because they don't listen to you otherwise. I am very sad and I want to ALERT and WARN everyone who is looking to buy this piece of fancy garbage. This will seriously give you more stress than anything else in your life. 

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