Dell XPS 9350 Starts for a few seconds then shuts down


I have a Dell XPS laptop that i have been using for a while. The laptop is very nice and I took very good care of it. 

The problem started when i was using it at university. I was working on it when windows went to the shutdown screen and the computer turned off. I wasn't doing any thing intensive so it was defiantly not due to heat. I pressed the power button to turn the laptop on and it would turn on for a few seconds with the screen working and the fan at maximum before shutting down. I tried a lot of things such as removing the battery and waiting a few hours, trying charger only, with the charger plugged in, with the drive and wireless card unplugged etc but no luck. A couple days later i pressed the power button and it would do the same thing, but i kept doing it for at least 50 times before the computer powered on and worked normally. But the next day the same thing happened. I also noticed that sometimes when i remove the CMOS battery the laptop does the same thing but without display. But if i keep turning it on it would eventually start to show the dell logo on the screen and even the windows loading ring before force shutting its self down. 

So it is obviously a board issue and i cant diagnose it further due the stupid trend of soldering the RAM and CPU on the board laptop manufacturers have been following. Is there anything i can do other than spending another $1600+ on the same laptop.

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