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Dell XPS 9360 - WHEA uncorrectable error 0%


I have a dell XPS 9360. i7-8550U@1.8Ghz, 2.00 Ghz, 16GB RAM, Windows 10.  


In the last few weeks I have begun getting 2-3 BSOD's per day, always the same. WHEA Uncorrectable error, no error code, and it stays at 0% forever. When I log back into windows there is no error dump created. I have installed no new hardware or software in this time.

I ran the dell diagnostic tool, it passed everything but it said the battery health was very low. So I have had this replaced with a new one... and I still get the same issue.

I am have updated windows to all the latest updates, used the dell update software to update all drivers to the latest, and also have the latest bios. Yet the error still happens.

Does anyone know a way I can diagnose this problem?

Many many thanks

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Re: Dell XPS 9360 - WHEA uncorrectable error 0%

In my case it was the intel graphics driver causing the BSOD and constant freezing. Under device manager > display adapter > make sure it's version After I updated it to this version and disabled all the options under power on intel graphics command center > system > power. After doing this I've had ZERO problems with my laptop.

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