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Dell XPS 9360 loses wifi connection after screen turns off/standby

I have a Dell XPS 9360 with a Killer Wireless 1535 wireless network adapter.  System and drivers seem to be up to date.  

Whenever I leave the computer for a period of time and the screen turns off and then I come back to the computer, the wifi is disconnected.  Not sure if the computer is actually going to into standby mode or not. 

When I come back to the computer I need to then disconnect the wifi network and reconnect it again in order to get the wifi back.  I've seen numerous posts here about similar problems but haven't found a solution that seems to work.  

Any suggestions?  

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@XPS user11 

Change your Settings (Control Panel >> Power Options)

You'll find the following under Power Options:

  • Choose what the power buttons do
  • Choose what closing the lid does
  • Create a power plan
  • Choose when to turn off the display
  • Change when the computer sleeps

Change your settings so you keep your computer from going to sleep.

You can turn off the display without having the computer go to sleep.

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I believe the 9360 systems are modern standby so when the display turns off, they go into low power mode.  The network may or may not stay connected depending on your settings.

But, if you hit the space bar, the display should turn back on and the network reconnect.  The same thing should happen if it is coming out of hibernation.  The network to which it is connecting should show with an "automatically reconnect" indicator.

Many of the systems with the Killer Wireless network adapter will be helped by a complete reinstall of that software.  I would suggest you go to the Killer Wireless site and download the uninstaller and the latest drivers for your card. 

Run the uninstaller, reboot and install the new drivers.  I like to do this while offline so Windows doesn't but in.

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