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Dell XPS 9370 - camera not detected: How to install the Imaging Devices drivers?


For the last three weeks I hav a problem with the camera of my XPS 9370. The camera is not being detected by any of the apps (Skype, etc). When I try to access the camera app I get an erros message saying it is not detected. I have read many simialr posts recommending various solutions like checking the antivirus blicking, troubleshotting etc but nothing is working for mine. I know that the problem is that in the Device Manager I cannot detect the Imaging Devices at all. I have tried to install the webcam drivers but with no luck.

Any ideas on how I can install the imaging devices drivers please?



camera.png  device manager.png

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The laptop arrived from Dell this way?

No. Seems like I lost the camera after a Windows update

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