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Dell XPS 9520 With Docking Station?

I just purchased a dell xps 15 9520 but haven't received it yet.

Specs are

Windows 11 Pro


32gb ddr5 ram

1tb ssd

nvidia 3050

1920x1200 resolution

I notice that this laptop has 1 usb-c port, 2 thunderbolt 4 ports and that is all. My current laptop, the xps 15 9550, has hdmi port, thunderbolt port, 2 usb a ports.

With my xps 15 9550, I connect 2 external monitors without any dock station. The 32' 4k samsung monitor is connected by usb-c to displayport cable. The 24' 1920x1200 monitor is connected by hdmi to dvi cable. But my hdmi port got fried so i can no longer use this port but before this happened, no issue connecting 2 external monitors this way.

The 2 usb a ports I have. One port I connect a wireless mouse usb. The other port, I connect a sabrent four port hub to it. So with that, I connect wired keyboard, cable matters ethernet adapter so I could use wired internet and the other 2 ports, I would use it for usb flash drive and something else. Thus even if I had just one usb-a port on it, the sabrent port hub would be enough for the wireless mouse, wired keyboard and the ethernet for wired internet as one other port, I would not always use.

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1.  Now how am i suppose to connect the same exact devices on this 9520?  I read I will have to buy a docking station no matter what if i want 2 external monitors right since 1 of the thunderbolt has to be used for charging laptop and another one would be used for my usb a devices?  However, heard its possible if daisychaining but possible here?  But what about connecting the usb a devices?  So I would use the usb-c port for charging my laptop?  My old xps 9550 used a barrel charger and now they are going with usb-c on the 9520. So there would be 1 usb c port used.

1st Thunderbolt 4. So I would buy something like below this to connect 2 external monitors? This plugable seem to support 2 external monitors whether displayport or hdmi and up to 4k and 60hz



2. 2nd Thunderbolt 4 Port - I would have to use this 2nd thunderbolt 4 port to connect the wireless mouse, wired keyboard etc right?  However, what cable or adapter would I need for this because the sabrent usb four port hub cannot connect to the thunderbolt 4 port correct?  Dell does seem to supply a usb-c to usb-a dongle but that would not work here?  But wouldn't that work though if I connect that dongle to the sabrent usb four port hub though and thus use that to connect my wireless mouse and wired mouse, ethernet adapter and an additional device?  Also they give a usb-c to hdmi adapter but again useless here since I want 2 external monitors right?   Now the easiest way to do this would get a dell dock station but those cost like $400 right?

3.  But would either of these work that cost $200 or $80?

Visiontek vt4000




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Hey all.  So I purchased the xps 9520 online and will be receiving it soon.


I have exchanged lot of messages with another poster here who is extremely knowledgeable about dell xps and dell dock stations.  


He tells me that $119 plugable 4k dock isn't going to be good because it is a displayport.  He said because my xps 9520 has a  nvidia rtx 3050 video card this might be an issue.  I had mentioned i saw a message on the plugable 4k dock on amazon that says not recommended for gaming or if you use a gaming graphics card.  So the best options are


1. Dell wd22tb4  -$410+tax.  Right now it is on sale now.  But this would solve all my issues and if i wanted to, I could even connect three 4k monitors at 60hz.  But I don't need to at this point as I don't even have that many monitors.  This certainly is the most expensive option as it has enough usb a ports and ethernet port.



2.  Wavlink -$100.

2 Displaylink to Displaylink cables so $10 x 2 = $20.

$17 Sabrent USB Four Port Hub.  

$137+tax total



I had suggested this because someone else mentioned this and he said this would work.  He said I would have to buy 2 displayport to displayport cables and that would be good enough.  I also have to buy another sabrent usb four port hub probably.  I would be connecting to a 32' 4k monitor that has displayport/hdmi port.  The other monitor is a 24' 1920x1200 monitor that has displayport, dvi and VGA port.  This would be the safest and simple way right?  However, one big issue I have with this is I cannot this wavlink or the cables because I'm in the US now and those 2 monitors are outside the US.  I do have a 20' 1600x1200 monitor that uses dvi or vga and a 43' LG 1080P tv that only takes hdmi I believe. 


So would you recommend against this since if i buy 2 displayport to displayport cables and the wavlink, it isn't good because I can't test it out?  I did consider getting a displayport to dvi cable instead of 2 displayport to displayport cables because that way I could test my xps 9520 with the 20' 1600x1200?  Because if it works on this monitor, it will work on the 24' 1920x1200 monitor right?  So might as well buy 1 displayport to displayport cable and 1 displayport to dvi cable?



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3.  The third and final option is an Anker usb c hub.  But there are many of them.

Anker 655 C Hub  8 in 1 - $96



Anker 555  C Hub  8 in 1 - $80



Anker USB C Hub - Powerexpand 8 in 1 - $100



Anker USB C Hub - Powerexpand 11 in 1 - $95



Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between the 555 and 655 which makes it cost a good amount less?  The ports seem to be exactly the same?  I am confused why the anker 11 in 1 only cost $95 since it gives an additional usb a port so it has 3 usb a ports?


Now would the anker usb-c hub be better or worst than the wavlink?  With the wavlink, you would be connecting 2 monitors to it.  Thus you will be using your thunderbolt4 port with it.  Then you would be using the usb-c port on the 9520 for laptop charging.  The last thunderbolt4 port could be used with your dell supplied usb-c to usb-a dongle and you connect the sabrent usb port hub to it to connect your wireless mouse, wired keyboard etc.


So with the anker.  The setup will look like this.  You will use the same usb-c port to charge the dell xps 9520 laptop.  The thunderbolt4 port will be you connecting your usb-c to displayport link to the 32' 4k samsung monitor.  Now with the anker... you would be connecting the hdmi to dvi cable to the 24' 1920x1200 monitor.  So with this anker adapter, you connect only 1 external monitor as oppose to 2 monitors with the wavlink.  There is the ethernet port for you to connect for wired internet.  But with the 8 in 1 anker, there is only 2 usb a ports.  I would want 3 or 4 usb-a ports.  So could I plug the sabrent usb 4 port hub to one of the 2 usa port hubs int he anker to thus give it more usb a ports?  Any concern about overload to it?  Or not because it would only be 1 monitor, ethernet cable, and just the usb-a devices?  But the anker 11 in 1 would have 3 usb a ports so that would mean I don't even need a sabrent 4 port hub?


The thing is if i get an anker usb-c hub as oppose to wavlink hub, not only do I don't need to buy new cables because I already have the cables needed, but I would be able to test my 20' 1600x1200 monitor here in the US with that anker usb-c correct?  So if that works, it will work with the 24' 1920x1200 monitor that i don't have access to.  Because I know when I connect the usb-c to displayport to the 32' 4k samsung monitor that I don't have access to now, well that would work because it is the same connection I used for it.


Now can anyone please take a look at my 2 posts and give me their opinion?  Should i go with the simple more expensive Dell dock, the wavlink option... or the anker option?  And if anker option, which anker out of those 4 anker usb-c?  Thank you!


Hello @quickguide01 , you should complement your new laptop with a  Dell WD22TB4


If $237 is too much for the budget, then a refurbished $57 Dell TB16 should meet your need.

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I have a Dell XPS 9510 that I purchased last January.  In February I got a Dell WD19TB docking station.  It has worked flawlessly for me.  I have a 4k external monitor, bose speakers, several external hard drives, an external DVD drive, a printer, a scanner, and a wired network connection to my router all hooked up to this station.  I only have to connect to the station with a single type c usb thunderbolt cable.  The station also provides plenty of power to operate my system and keep the laptop battery charged.  The function is seamless when the laptop is plugged in, pressing the power button on the docking station turns on the system without even opening the laptop.  I feel I have the best of both worlds:  a powerful laptop to bring with me when traveling and a great desktop system to use at home.  To get the convenient power button on/off function you probably need to use a Dell docking station.  The station you mention above, the WD22TB4 is a newer version and Dell doesn't seem to sell the WD19TB I use on their website anymore.  However, I see that it is still for sale on Amazon and other web stores for substantially less than the newer version.  The WD19TB is probably compatible with your system as not much has changed between the 9510 and the 9520, but of course I don't know that for sure.  Probalby easy to check though by chatting with one of the experts on this site.  

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So I just noticed something very important.  Dell supplied me with a usb-c to usb-a/hdmi cable adapter.  I had thought it was 2 separate cables such as usb-c to usb-a cable and a usb-c to hdmi cable.


If this is the case, wouldn't that mean I don't need a docking station for 2 external monitors here?


Usb-C Port -  Charge Laptop


Thunderbolt 4 Port - Usb-c to displayport with the 32' 4k samsung monitor 


2nd Thunderbolt 4 Port - Dell Supplied Usb-c to usb-a/hdmi adapter.  Then connect a sabrent 4 port usb port hub to it.  Then connect wireless mouse usb, wired keyboard, cable matters ethernet adapter for wired internet... and extra usb a port for usb flash drive when necessary.

But finally connect an hdmi to dvi cable to my 24' 1920x1200 monitor?


So I would have enough usb a ports since I will be using the sabrent 4 port hub... but also connect the monitor with it?  


If the dell supplied usb-c to usb a cable and usb-c to hdmi cable were 2 separate cables, then a dock station of some sort would be needed.  But not anymore in this situation because that dell supplied usb-c to usb-a/hdmi cable is like a 2 in 1?

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Dell DA20 USB Type-C to HDMI/USB Type-A 



This above seems to be the cable dell supplied my 9520.  So would this mean a dock station is not required for 2 external monitors then?


1.  Only you can decide what you need/want.

2.  It's not good to daisy chain non-powered USB ports, too much power draw will fry your laptop port.

3.  You forgot ethernet adapter.

You do need a docking station.  So just grab that cheap $57 Dell TB16.  It has everything you need including charging your laptop (don't need your charger) with just one connection.  

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