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Dell XPS 9560 - Blinking LED error codes


My XPS 9560 does not switch on battery power - No LED´s are ON, only white LED from power supply
When AC power is connected Power ON button LED is on, when pressing I only hear that Fans are starting for a couple of seconds, screen remains black, no Dell logo. I can see that front LED is permanently blinking in amber.

Ok, I thought battery is empty. I disconnected the battery incl. AC power, pressed Power ON button for 30 sec to release static charge. Afterwards I connected AC power and tried to power it up, but same thing, only fans are on for a couple of seconds and without battery front LED this time blinks 1x white 2x amber --> CPU Failiure

I am confused now about the blinking codes --> Which blinking code is now correct empty battery or CPU failure

I read somewhere that diagnostic codes always have priority against battery codes

Can a 9560 even boot when battery is complety empty (measured voltage of batttery is 0,4V) ?

Thanks for inputs


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