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Dell XPS 9560 can't pass extended memory test

I've recently had some ram issues where I needed to re-seat the ram in order to get the computer to boot up (I was getting the 2 amber/4 white flashing pattern). Using the windows memory diagnostic tool the ram passed the basic and standard test. On the extended test it would stall at 10%. I gave it at least an hour before exiting and I attempted it several times and it always stalled at the same spot. The computer had not locked up seeing as I was able to exit the test without issue. 

My brother owns the exact same laptop (16gb ram) and his computer produced the same results as mine. Locks up at %10 overall. Any other 9560 owners out there care to run the test as well? Can someone from Dell help explain?  

I am also still searching for my "ram re-seating" issue. I've had to re-seat it 3 times in the last two weeks.

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