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Dell XPS Service Tag Invalid?


Last week I bought a dell XPS m1730 laptop off eBay...after I got it I wanted to check its warranty and so needed the service tag number which is usually on the bottom of the laptop but in this case, it wasn't...so I went into the bios and got the service tag number which is as follows:


but after putting that into the dell warranty website I get an error saying that service tag isn't valid...has anyone else come across this problem before and can anyone please give me any suggestions to what I can do...


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Re: Dell XPS Service Tag Invalid?

Contact the seller.  If they can't explain satisfactorily, unless you're comfortable with a no-support orphan system - return the system for a refund.  There is no exclamation point in any service tag - if it's there, it's a bogus tag.  This is a very old system - anything could have happened to it.



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