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Dell laptop media=failure restart by pressing key Help me please

Ok so i kinda slammed on my keyboard super hard and then 5 seconds later my computer froze so i took out the battery and put it back on it went into repair mode once it was done it restarted and now it say media failure and then says press key to restart i ran a diagnostic and it said hard drive 0 and it was blank there was no check could i have knocked it out?

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Re: Dell laptop media=failure restart by pressing key Help me please

First of all can you please post the exact model number of your system?

And it does indeed look like some type of failure of the HDD. Depending how "super hard you slammed your keyboard" (your words) it could be something as simple as a loose SATA plug on the HDD. Or it can be that the HDD platter was damaged by a very hard jolt while the system was running. It would probably now be a good idea to open up the system and have a look at the HDD to see if the SATA plug is secure. But knowing how the HDD is mounted in most laptops and the way the plugs are situated on the drive, you could very well now be in the market for a new hard drive or SSD to replace the possibly damaged drive. And in the future I would refrain from any action that could easily damage the sensitive components in the laptop.

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