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Dell motherboard without speaker connection

I recently had to get my motherboard replaced on my Dell XPS 15 9560. When I got it back, my tech told me, oddly, the motherboard he got didn't have a connection for the speakers. I opened it up and sure enough, where there should be a place to plug the speakers into the motherboard there's a small screw instead of the port. Any idea what's going on here? Is there anyway to connect the built in speakers like this?

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Re: Dell motherboard without speaker connection

At this point, I would question whether it is the proper motherboard after all.

If you are sure it is ... my guess (you provided no pics)

- on this revision of the motherboard, that connector is in a new place.

- the last technician broke the connector off the MB


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Re: Dell motherboard without speaker connection

Sorry, not used to this forum yet. Just noticed this response.

hmmm, yeah I'm sort of wondering if you might be right. He just broke it off...

If I get around to it I'll take some photos today.

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