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Dell xps 13 2 in 1, light bleeding between chassis and black carbon fiber

Hey, I just bought a Dell Xps 13 2in1. When I turned the device on for the first time, I noticed that there is light bleeding where the silver chassis and the black carbon fiber are joined together. I wanted to know if this is normal or a manufacturing fault. I was worried about the issue worsening over time.

This issue is more visible near beside the control button side (pictures attached) but there is a faint light also bleeding out from beside the backspace button.

20200329_145947_LI.jpg20200329_150003_LI.jpg20200329_150008_LI.jpg20200329_150022_LI.jpgInked20200328_115557_LI (2).jpgInked20200329_150005_LI.jpg

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