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Dell xps 13 9300, gets hot and the fan makes noise

I have problems with my dell xps 13 making noise and getting so hot that it is almost unbearable.
My ears are completely done and I don't know what to do from here anymore.

I have a dual boot with linux and windows. The problem is there are both OS. I have taken it apart and cleaned the fans and applied new thermal paste.
Tried adding this to the kernel parameter acpi_osi='Windows 2022. I couldn't find any ACPI errors either with or without this kernel parameter.

I also updated my bios. But nothing has helped.

IS there anyone from dell who can help or someone else who knows about this problem?

A quick search on the forum shows that there are many who have the same problem but without a solution.

If that is true, then this laptop is absolutely not worth the money. You pay a premium for it, and it makes noise. All the rewivs I've read and seen praise this laptop to the skies.

But the reality is something completely different. The keyboard is totally bad, it makes noise and gets way too hot.
It's just a sign that dell pays these people to say the keyboard is good.

I have to say that I am really disappointed and if I don't find a solution to this problem then unfortunately I can't use this laptop.

After an hour of background noise from the fan just makes my head spin and I can't concentrate. I can't watch a YouTube video or film for more than 15-20 minutes without it getting so hot that it's uncomfortable to touch.

I have htop running and it shows that I use approx. 2Gb memory and approx. only 2-5 percent of the cpu, and some times briefly the cpu comes up to 10 percent. But that is only one of the cores.

I don't understand why Dell makes a laptop with high specs when you can't use more than 2-10 percent of it?

I am totally frustrated, and feel totally cheated by dell and all their youtube friends who claim that it is a fantastic laptop. I hope someone from dell reads this and can make a suggestion on the problem.

I specifically bought this laptop because it also comes with Ubuntu, so I was hoping I wouldn't run into any unforeseen issues. It's frustrating.

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I just got hold of an older version, a 9350.

It doesn't get hot at all. There must be something wrong with this one.

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