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Dell xps 13 Stuttering and skipping during audio playback March 2018

Good evening all,

My setup is: Dell xps13 9350, using iTunes (latest version Mar 2018) running Windows 10 version 1709 build 16299, with latest Realtek Hd audio driver x64 installed, playing audio tracks through my Samsung sound bar HW-J450 using bluetooth.

The audio playback using iTunes is awful with tracks jumping and skipping - so I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything but to no avail. I have eliminated the soundbar as the cause of the problem because I  can use my mobile phone and tablet to play music tracks with no problem using bluetooth. My thinking is that the problem is either iTunes or an audio driver.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and if so is there a fix?

Many thanks, Expeeses.


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Re: Dell xps 13 Stuttering and skipping during audio playback March 2018

  • Try to send sound from other app than iTunes
  • Check whether changing distance between notebook and soundbar helps (maybe something blocks the signal)
  • Move both devices to different room (and close the doors) to verify some potential interference issues.
  • Try sending music to another device (you can probably fake another notebook or phone to act like a bluetooth speaker)
  • Disable all other bluetooth devices that are connected to your notebook (ie. mouse, phone - they may lower the bandwidth or conflict for some reason)
  • Make sure that nothing else is trying to send data to your soundbar at the same time.
  • Check your Windows Audio Service is running
  • Make sure you have the right bluetooth drivers (if installed through Windows Update there may be some mismatch or might be outdated)


If playback is faulty when using headphones or built-in speakers it might be audio card issue (drivers, windows or hardware problem). If problem occur only when played through bluetooth - try to update Intel drivers (or Qualcomm - not sure which Bluetooth chipset you got inside; use drivers from vendor site not one Dell provides)

Check this article, maybe it will point you to some fix:


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