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Dell xps 15 9550 Overheating , mouse freezes radomly

I have a problem with my Dell XPS 15 9550, everything was okay but after a few updates (I think so) its overheating, my problems:
- with older games like Spec Ops I have on the highest settings about 20 fps with throttling (and on youtube on my hardware people pull out a stable 60 fps), I forced the game to use Geforce 960m, but something is still wrong. Laptop is very hot and once he just turned off
- sometimes after a long work in photoshop (bigger files) the mouse freezes for 1 second
- after disconnecting the charger I can work on the battery only 15 minutes, then the computer crashes,

I made a stress test/dell test and everything is ok, It did not show that something is wrong with the hardware, I have Windows 10 / Bios 1.9.0, what I made:

- reinstalled windows
- installed the previous version of Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework 8.1.106
- bios setup - c-state control unchecked
- Trying with different Bios versions

But that didn't change anything. what else can I do?

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Re: Dell xps 15 9550 Overheating , mouse freezes radomly

Have you checked if the cooling fins are clogged with dust? While cleaning, padding the VRMs is a very good idea, and easy to do (look up instructions). 

You can try undervolting using ThrottleStop. Watch temperatures, clock speeds, package power, fan rpms, throttling flags, using HWinfo64, under load. Use load tests such as Prime95 and Unigine Heaven. 

If you see direct thermal throttling at CPU or/and GPU, repasting with Kryonaut is recommended, but it is a messy job.  

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Re: Dell xps 15 9550 Overheating , mouse freezes radomly

I undervolted processor, now is about -10 degree but this didn't help me with throttling / power off the computer. I think this issue is associated with GeForce (when I made graphic card stress test - after 5 minutes it has 90 degrees and still growing). The worst thing is that my mouse still freezes, I thought this happened because processor / graphic card is too hot but now I have still this issue, what I can do? everything is working fine
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Re: Dell xps 15 9550 Overheating , mouse freezes radomly


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