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Dell xps 15 9570 Hard Drive not installed


As said in the title I got "hard drive not installed" error when in start my computer.

I tried several solution found on other topics but none of them worked (they said to change the bios parameter)

I have a dual boot windows-linux on my ssd. 

When I run a diagnostic with f12 it seems like my ssd is not recongnize by the system. 

I tried to open my computer to unplug and replug my battery after 30 seconds but i don't have the right screwdriver for the external screws.

Do you have any solutions ?


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You will need to open the system, first to check the SSD (unplug, remove base cover, disconnect the battery and hold the power button;  then remove and reinstall the SSD).  If that doesn't get the system to see the drive, the drive is history and will need to be replaced.

Just about any hardware store or home center will have a Torx T-5 driver.

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My ssd is officially dead, i will need to replace it. Thabks for your help !

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