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Dell xpsl502x

Have checked on the Microsoft community site and have found that some xpsl502x laptops run windows 10 without any problems whereas others have problems, just wondering if any one has any idea as to why this is the case.

Also if this is read by anyone with influence at dell could dell try to  use it influence to get the paid extended support that microsoft is offering for windows 7 professional and enterprise users offered to home premium users.


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Re: Dell xpsl502x

That model is not approved for win 10 since there are no win 10 drivers for it. Some users might make do with generic drivers for simple tasks but the performance suffers or doesn't work at all. Since Windows 7 will be dropped by Microsoft in 5 months, buying a new laptop is the best option. It will not be safe to use 7 on the Internet after Jan 14 2020.

That extended support (?) is probably for businesses helping them navigate the upgrade to windows 10. That will be a major upgrade for businesses.

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