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Disconnect XPS17 L702

My XPS screen broken by the hinges and there is no way of put it back but the screen works fine IF someone physically holds it for you all the time. I have successfully disconnected the screen from the motherboard but got two issues turned up so I have to connect the screen back. I am looking to solve those two issues and just to use the body of the laptop with an external monitor only.

Issue 1: there is a constant beeping sound once I have disconnected the screen from the motherboard. How to turn off that beeping sound? The beeping sound does not affect using an external monitor just only annoying.

Issue 2, I lost wifi connection once disconnected the screen. I know there is a wifi cable connected between the screen and motherboard (not sure why it's designed like that?). How to resolve this issue?

I have done some upgrade on the unit which works great for what I need, so I will be keen to carry on using it.

PS, I have not found and replacement screen here in NZ and not sure if the one on Amazon works for me. 



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