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Docking Station for XPS15 9500 (different power supply options)


I got a new XPS15 9500 laptop and I have an WPS15 docking station (with 130W power supply) => I get the message "Slow charger". 

The original charger (without the docking station) has 130W, so with some periphery its probably too weak.

I did order a 180W charger, because the WD15 is able to support that, as far as I know.


I had another idea. I found an HP charger (same plug) with 230W. That should work, just with some less workload for the charger, right?!

I tried the HP charger (TPN-LA10; Out: 19,5V / 11,8A; 230W; In:100-240V / 3,5A / 60Hz) and I still get "Slow charger"... Thats confusing me and my other option, the 180W charger für WD15 is still shipping (and more expensive, could send that back^^).


So my questions are:

  • Why do I still get a "slow charger" message with the HP charger, that has 230W?
  • Is it ok to use the HP charger?
  • Should the WD15 180W charger work or did I miss something? (like I cant just change the power supply, there are different WD15 models, too...)


Kind regards

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The Dell power supplies use a proprietary signaling protocol, to exceed the standard USB-C/Thunderbolt power delivery specs.

So any non-Dell charger will give you "slow charger" message on an XPS 9500

Remember that the docking station uses power too, so you need 130W to get the full fast charge capabilities through the dock to the laptop


Hmmmm, annoying and good to know. Thanks!

But it should work perfectly well?! The "slow charger" stuff was reducing the pre-configured performance option, too... If I switch it manually, it should be fine?!

Or is there any "risk" of not using a Dell power supply? Or does the " to exceed the standard USB-C/Thunderbolt power delivery specs" means, that the docking station isnt using the needed power from other power supplies?



As far as my understanding and experience goes - no risk, just slower charging (and in extreme case reduced processor performance in some scenarios).



Hmmm, if they really cant use more of the chargers power, it makes ne sense for me to use the "stronger" charger, just because I can get one cheaper...

So Ill wait for my 180W charger, thank you!


@NewDellUser01  The WD15 and WD19 when connected to a 130W power supply can provide up to 90W to an attached system.  That's only sufficient for an XPS 15 9500 that does NOT have an NVIDIA GPU.  If it does have one, then it's designed for 130W.  In order to get 130W from a WD15 or WD19 dock, the dock itself needs a 180W power supply.

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