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Does the XPS15 7590 charge when connected to the p2719hc monitor via USB-C?

I am trying to connect my XPS 15 to a p2719hc monitor (which I intend to daisy chain to a p2719h monitor). Will I need to buy a separate dock/adaptor to power the laptop, or will the p2719hc USB-C power the XPS 15?

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@dhaniya  The XPS 15 7590 is designed for a 130W power source.  The P2719HC only supplies 65W, i.e. only half what the XPS 15 is designed for. So you have three options:

  • Rely on using the P2719HC as an undersized power source. This can result in slower battery charging and performance throttling.
  • Keep the XPS 15's power adapter connected separately, in which case the system will rely on that instead and continue performing optimally.
  • Get a Dell dock that can supply 130W over USB-C/TB3 in order to maintain a single cable solution. The WD19 180W supports 130W passthrough and can run dual 1080p displays. Just make sure you do NOT get the WD19 130W, which only offers 90W passthrough. Alternatively, the WD19TB comes standard with a 180W power supply for 130W passthrough, and can support dual displays up to 4K 60 Hz each if you want some futureproofing.

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