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Driver power state failure

Dear members of the community,

I have the Dell XPS 15 9570. Recently, maybe a few months ago, I started to have the blue screen error that reads Driver Power State Failure. It happens randomly. Sometimes as an omen of bad luck, my mouse freezes (both the BT and touchpad) while everything works, and then after a minute, I get a blue screen error. Sometimes everything freezes, and I get the blue screen. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I have updated to windows 11. I had no such problems when I used windows 10. I have also tried to look for this information online, but it did not conform to my exact problem, so I did not have luck finding the answer. My problem happens not during the sleep mode, but anytime, for instance, the laptop can crash while using Word. I have tried to reinstall the system, but a clean install of Win11 did not help. Please help me to solve this problem, as it really disrupts important work tasks. Thank you very much.

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@DellCares responded automatically to me, did not get any further than being told that my device is out of warranty (what a joke...). German @DellHilft never responded in the first place. This thread is literally gaining like 500 views a day.

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I just tried to send them a mail about our issue to the German email address they have in their imprint (webmaster_german@dell.com). Apparently, even though it is featured on their website, it doesn't exist anymore. Wow. There seriously is no way to contact this company.

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They still put out driver updates for this product so they are liable regardless of the warranty status.

<That is incorrect. Also, violations as defined by Dell removed. Read the Forum Code of Conduct. DELL-Admin>


Not a bad idea. Maybe we can get enough out of it to get some non-dell laptops LOL.

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I had this problem.  It was resolved.

I have a Dell XPS 8940 PC running Windows 10.  It's almost 2 years old.   A few weeks ago (in October 2022, or early November), the PC began crashing with the Blue Screen of Death, with the "Driver Power State Failure" error message.  The PC would then automatically restart, which would resolve the issue until the next day, when I'd start my computer in the morning for the day.   This went on, day after day, for weeks. 

In reading the comments on this (Dell) forum, plus other forums, it seemed clear to me that this problem was due to an A/V problem of some sort.  Weeks ago, I had installed an A/V card for importing video files from analog inputs, such as a cassette player or video camera.   The card is an AVerMedia CE310B.  I had also installed the related drivers. 

So I uninstalled the A/V card, along with the related drivers.   That was a couple of days ago and I have not had the Driver Power State Failure blue screen of death since then.

Maybe this won't resolve your situation, but you might want to look back and see if you installed any A/V related drivers or updates -- and, of course, any video cards -- and uninstall them or go back to a previous version of a driver that was stable. 


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Has anyone had this problem lately?  I haven't had it in about a month.  

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Dell Precision 8850h / 32gb RAM / P1000 / 1Tb SSD

I tried one final rebuild of my laptop from scratch, thinking i would replace it if it did not work.
So far it has been running for a couple of months with no BSOD - I have been leaving Photoshop running in the background whenever i use it, to try and replicate the problem but it has been fine ... so far.

Did a patch happen that dealt with this problem? Who knows ...


Something happened, because I haven't had the issue for a while now. I think there was a BIOS update since I last had the problem.


I think they solved it. I haven't had any issues for weeks now. I hope it stays that way.

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