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[Feedback] Wifi slowdown during GPU usage - XPS 15 7590

After hours of painful testing (due to another problem that is now fixed), I've noticed that often the wifi speed decreases to about 1/2 of the usual speed when the GPU is used intensively (3D, video games, video editing etc). I have observed this on both Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 19) and on both the Killer 1650ax and the Intel 9260 ac wifi cards, which is why I don't suspect it is software related. My assumption is that this could be because of interference with the wifi signal or due to some issue with the power. Drivers etc are up to date. USB tethering to my phone did not seem to have the same issue.

I don't claim to exactly know how this is correlated but would advise the people at dell to have a look into it.

(I can give you more details if you want... for me the wifi is currently good enough so I'm not looking to 'fix it')

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