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Fix for AC adapter cord insulation problem?

I have a slim 130W 3-prong AC adapter (the one with the rounded edges of the brick and the LED on the laptop connection plug end) that came with my Precision 5510. Since getting my laptop back in 2016, the battery life of my laptop has decreased significantly due to heavy use, so I have to plug it in a lot, and have become accustomed to simply keeping it plugged in all the time and finding places to work that are close to power outlets.

Over the years of use (and, granted, some laziness regarding re-wrapping the cord when I put the adapter away), the wire insulation jackets have begun to pull out of their press-fittings at the power adapter where the wall outlet line and the laptop line plug into the brick, exposing the wires inside. This isn't a huge issue (and, since it still works, Dell won't replace the adapter because it's a cosmetic issue), but it's definitely an annoyance for me because it increases the risk of wire damage and makes me feel like it's falling apart. There is already a very small area of exposed wiring on the white wire inside the laptop line (the thinner cord coming from the power brick), and I want to prevent any further damage from occurring. As it is, since the covering has been freed from its fixed position, any bends in the cable put worrying amounts of torque on the internal wires.

I've already tried manually pushing the insulation back over the wires toward the power brick, but inevitably it just pulls back again after a short time, and I don't want to mess with it too much for fear of damaging it more. I've read online some articles showing how to fix frayed cables or large areas of exposed wire with electrical tape, but since neither of those problems really apply, would using electrical tape also be the best way to solve this issue? I don't want to wrap something over the wire which will get in the way of wrapping the cable or limiting its motion. Would heat-shrink tubing work?

Please let me know what solutions you can think of. Thanks!

tl;dr the insulation's pulling away from the wires on my power adapter. Adapter still works, but it's an annoying cosmetic issue that could lead to further damage. Any suggestions for how to fix this?

Here's a photo to show what the situation is (note the weird angle on the wire coming from the wall):


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