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G3 15 3590 Optane module not detected

Posting in XPS because I can't find a G3 section.

Dell G3 15 3590

Intel Core i5-9300H 2.4 GHz

BIOS version 1.8.0 UEFI

2x 4GB DDR4

KBG40ZNS512G NVMe TOSHIBA 512 GB SSD with Intel Optane Memory H10

I have a new G3 15 that combines an SSD and Optane memory module. However, the Optane module is not detected with Intel utilities or even by the BIOS (I would expect to see a menu or setting somewhere referring to "Optane" or "Rapid Storage Technology"). The laptop is setup with factory defaults plus any updates applied by the Dell Update application.

The "Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management" app that came pre-installed on the computer states, "There are no valid disk pairs in your system."

I downloaded the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" application to see if I'd get a different result and it states, "Your system appears to be Intel Optane memory ready but no Intel Optane memory modules were detected in your computer. Please install a compatible module."

I've gone through some troubleshooting steps from Intel but so far no luck. My biggest concern is that, even if I can't get it configured in Windows, I would expect to see something regarding the module in the BIOS menu.

Any help is appreciated. Best regards,


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