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Geforce GTX 260M LOCKED by DELL from ever using latest drivers

The reviews on Dell XPS laptops and reality are disjointed. Ten month old machine is on third mother board and 2nd hard drive. Heat sink, fan and keyboard all had to be replaced. Dell's download of system software had 3 outdated drivers so internet, usb ports and audio did not work after installing windows. Lenovo and Macs last 4-5 years without problems. 10 months in, I am on phone with Dell Support every single day. Support is abysmal...each person has to read the 11 hours of "records" before trying to diagnose latest issues. Bar none the least reliable laptop and least helpful support of any computer I have ever had. Has "worked" 4 out of last 45 days. Three incidents in one month is what they claim will get you a new machine. Really? This company is a joke. You can't even call anyone in customer service so you have to start over from zero every time it breaks--which happens at least weekly.
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