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HELP : Dell XPS M1330 Hard Drive Locked

Primary Hard disk #XC408617602 – 595B XPS M1330 M1330

I have recently had a problem with my laptop it kept saying:

NTLDR is missing
Press any key to continue

After few attempted on googling to find the solutions still no luck.

I then tried to play around on BIOS and decided to put a password on HDD for no reason....Few weeks gone by I decided to switch on my laptop just in case it might just work but I could not remember what’s the password I have entered.

Now I am stuck!!
1. I cannot start my computer because the HDD is locked.
2. NTLDR is missing

I hope you guys can help me out.
Many thanks.
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Clearing the CMOS portion of the hard drive password will require a call to Dell support.  Once that's done, the cheapest solution is to replace the drive -- if you need the data on the drive, you'll need to ship it to a recovery service and have it unlocked (the password is stored in a user-inaccessible part of the drive and can't be removed without specialist software tools).  DO NOT connect another drive until the CMOS password is cleared - if you do, the new drive will inherit the existing password.


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