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This has easily been the most painful, disgruntling process I have ever had in my life as a consumer. Dell has the worst customer service and technical support I have ever experienced in my life. I spent over 10 hours on the computer with the completely incompetent technical support group and there has never been an effort for customer service to reach out and try to help me. I will never use or buy a Dell product again. This has ruined my ability to trust Dell as a company and as a supplier of my computer needs. Untrustworthy, Inefficient, Incompetent.
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adding to this review that my time was wasted in multiple calls and no follow up from customer service

You are so right. Do you know what power we have?? Is there no remedy for this awful experience? If I had known how bad this would be, I would never have purchased a Dell. 

But @Customer199122 you replaying to your own post pretending you are someone else on the same alias is like dell premium quality products 

Never dell again

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