Help for laptops without number-pad


I am looking for help typing characters on a laptop that only has 81 keys (i.e. no number pad), beyond those for which there are shown keys and their upper-case/lower-case equivalents.

There must be something analogous to Windows' Alt+Num_Lock+####. Being forced to open some form of character map (either os-based or application-based) to enter a character within the current character set, but just not shown on the keyboard, is not acceptable because opening/switching windows significantly disrupts workflow.

Whilst there are a few that auto-correct like Alt+Ctrl+e or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E changes e or E to é or É. However, this is the exception, rather than the rule.

If anyone knows of how to solve this conundrum or knows as many of the partial solutions as possible (like Alt+Ctrl+e = é), without dragging out a character map, I would be very grateful to hear from you!

Thank you.


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Re: Help for laptops without number-pad

I keep a full sized bluetooth keyboard with numbers pad etc next to my desk and I just pull it out and switch it on when i need to do serious typing and calculating.  Works quickly and easily for me, and no wires or dongles because bluetooth.  I don't need it all the time.  For me, it's way easier than fussing with character maps.

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Mary G
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Re: Help for laptops without number-pad

What exact model laptop? Check your manual online at Dell Support.




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Re: Help for laptops without number-pad

@Mary GThanks for your reply.

I refer to the following laptops:

  • XPS laptops (93XX models and 95XX models),
  • Precision Laptops (35XX and 55XX models), 
  • Inspiron (7570, 7580 & 7590).

These all have the same keyboard, as far as I am aware. There might be more models, too.

I'm attempting this in both a Windows 10 and Ubuntu LTS environment.

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