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How concerned should I be about this flaw in an XPS 9550 4k display?

I just received a new-to-me Dell XPS 9550 with the 4k touch display. The condition seemed excellent until I noticed a smudge on the display that turned out to not be a smudge but something wrong with it internally--2-3 dozen pixels appear to be affected. Overall size is about the size of this O, just below the bezel. It is only visible on light backgrounds. 

What would cause this?

Could it get worse, or will it probably remain the same?

I can probably return the computer to the ebay seller for a refund, but I got a deal on it that might be hard to match.


Dell 9550 flaw 354.JPGDell 9550 flaw 320.JPG

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1.  Usually pressure or impact damage to the screen.

2.  Yes, the damage could propagate.

The options:

1.  Live with the fault,

2.  Return the system for a refund

3.  Replace the screen yourself (not that bad for a non-touch;  much more expensive if it's a touch panel, as the entire upper assembly needs to be replaced.


Thanks. #3 definitely isn't happening, as I didn't get a good enough deal for that to make sense. 

So if it is likely to propagate, it'll definitely be going back.

Anyone here who had this happen to their computer or monitor? Did it get worse over time?

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A techie friend I showed the photos to thought it was most likely a fiber (debris, lint) trapped between layers inside the display, or maybe an irregular scratch on one of the internal layers. Didn't look like damage to the pixels to him.

Another clue, FWIW: whatever it is becomes nearly invisible when viewed from an angle, especially from the left or the top. 

Varying screen brightness has no effect.

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