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How to charge with USB-C?


How can I charge a XPS 9365 (with USB-C or Thunderbolt)?

So far I found out:

There are just 2 adapters that will charge this device. One is a Dell docking station that functions as a big double power brick. The other one is an Apple USB-C charger (30W).

No other USB-C Charger, no matter how cheap or expensive, no matter if generic or Dell branded, will charge reliably.

They all will charge to some extent, if it is almost full, maybe down to 50%. If it is closer to empty, any adapter except the 2 working ones (and I tested a lot, spent a lot of money on them) will occasionally maybe start charging, then at some point stop charging. If left alone for a longer time, it will not charge.

This applies no matter what port is used, and no matter which one of the not quite working chargers. However, it seems to me when using a particular charger for the first time, it is even less likely to charge. But I may be mistaken about this.

Does the OS matter for USB-C charging? I'm using Linux. However, the 30W Dell charger also does not charge on Windows, so...

If there were a way to charge this reliably, I would buy a few working chargers and a power bank. How to tell?

I tried obtaining information about the actual power requirements (V, A numbers). Linux tells nothing at all, except some estimates that seem to be unrelated. All I found was a PD or QC analyzer that can be bought for USD 2500 (10pcs).

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