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How to get rid of Realtek Audio driver 6.0.9210.1, A10


We had a problem with this driver. It was causing a long delay during the restart process.

We were lucky to uninstall it and get back to normal.

Until yesterday, the update to it was appearing in windows optional updates. I was ignoring it.

But yesterday it was forcefully installed by Windows update, and I was back to the long wait for restart state.

I was able to uninstall it and install A09. once again

The problem is, whenever I run Windows update, it gets installed again.  I contacted Microsoft to report the problem, they asked me to contact dell.

I would like to know how can we get rid of this thing.....

Also, is there a way to report this cursed driver to dell.....

Any help?


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@-Batman- wrote:

Wonder if this was my issue on Windows 11. For about a week my 9510 has been horrendous booting up. On powering on the screen sometimes stayed off for over 2 mins and it was very sluggish.

Was advised my support to revert back to Windows 10

it might be an issue with Win11 as it feels like Win11 was released too soon to the public in early Oct. 2021 with a bunch of problems & isn't quite ready.  best to revert back to the latest Win10 release and wait a few more months to try out Win11 again in 2022 when Microsoft fixes some more problems with Win11

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