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How to go above Advanced Resolution Services

I have been trying to get Dell to warranty an accessory product that I purchased with my Dell XPS system. Since the warranty terms and conditions state that accessories purchased with a system take on the system warranty, I expect Dell to abide by those terms. Both technical support and the Advanced Resolution Services have refused to repair or replace my defective product. Is there any way I can go above the Advanced Resolution Services and insure Dell abides by their own policies?

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Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution via private messages to ensure the security of your information. In the meanwhile, you may receive assistance or suggestions from the community members as well.

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If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session. To send us a private message, click our DELL-Cares username. Our Forum profile page will then appear. On the right, click "Send this user a private message".

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they want to go private because they don't want the public to see their ridiculous excuses for their employees numerous mistakes /lies.


All advanced resolutions does is lie. A Tech sent out by Dell to fix my laptop a year ago cracked the side of my laptop while opening it up to TRY and fix a problem. They never fixed it, even though it was still under warranty at the time. I let them know about the damage when it happened. They are now saying they won't fix it cause it is no longer under warranty.  It was the repairmen sent by Dell who damaged it. The guys name in advanced resolutions is James Gerard.  I have proof I let them know when it happened. 


Same thing with me. In my case, the tech lost a couple of screws (presumably inside the computer) one of which moved and got lodged under the touchpad.

Rather that taking responsibility for that and fixing that, the corporate strategy (if there is one) is to have the customers bad mouth them on every available forum.

It should be obvious to @DELL-Cares that the old (pre internet) adage of "a happy customer tells two others, an unhappy customer tells 8 others" has morphed into "a happy customer tells two others, an unhappy customer tells tens of thousands" (in the age of the internet.)

The fact that only the Dell bot has reached out to us to tell us that we are out of warranty speaks volumes - @DELL-Cares clearly doesn't.

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  • Your asking about an accessory...here I gave issue with complete laptop Inspiron 
  • I am also experience the same with DELL LAPTOPS since last 8months for machine replacement Dell have lost of excuses to cheat the customers, once purchased the DELL product just forget of your money and u will get nothing from them...they manufactuer only one machine of any series model world wide ..if u had any issues under warrant or in any case of machine replacement is needed, they will have only one answer that they don't have the same to same machine in the entire world, and they will force u to accept refurbished or under rated quality machines. <Non-public info removed. TOS64>, I am behind these people past from last October 2021. My sincere request to you all in this group... don't trust Dell brand products and don't. Wast your time, money and energy wiht this qaulity less products...
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