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How to proove than motheboard on my notebook was really changed

After buying notebook xps15 9650 I have a freeze & screen blink problem. I have asked an authorized local service organization, and thay said that they fixed problem by changing motheboard.

No, on quarantine it is important to me that my notebook to work, but the problem persists as before, so I suspect that no fixes actually has been made. Notebook after some work time freezes for a while then starting sceen blinking.

The question is how to check if my motheboard was changed or not?


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Dell does not have "authorized local service locations" although some shops will claim that. Warranty support must come from Dell. 

Explain your out of warranty problems here and let other users try to help. One thing to try--make sure all your drivers come from Dell Downloads for your model. Freezing screens and BSOD can be caused by bad drivers. Dell customizes all laptops drivers for your exact model. Check to make sure you still have all the original drivers--



Thank you for answer, but I first call to Dell and thay said that I should go to authorized dealer service, so I did.

During usage i have multiple times updated drivers and bios (while I cannot imagine how drivers affect on sporadically arising of screen blinking - screen blinks 3-5Hz unstead of 60Hz). I think problem is physical.

May be there is initial motherboard serial number that could be compared whith current one? I need to proove that guys at service did their job. Or not.

Not sure if it helps but you should be able to check the device manufacture date in BIOS. Presumably this would be the date of manufacture of motherboard. Is this date newer than the date of purchase? 

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