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I need help with major performances issues !!

hi i bought a dell xps 9575 for college and i maxed it out since i litteraly use it only for rendering   projects  video and photo editing  the past SeptembeR

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Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>

let me begin firstly, the bios wouldnt update and the touchpad would go crazy.sometimes but after a restart it was ok After something i did the windows crashed. talked with the support had my motherboard changed and reistalled the oldest windows 10 version that exist 1709. after spending the whole day installing the drivers nececcary for it to work alone and updating the windows i thought finally everything is okk. but no another issue appears . while i use the laptop not on a desk but on my lap after several pauses of the music or video that is playing all of a sudden there is no sound . the speakers are connected and the sound trouble shooter doesnt find anything wrong neither the diagnostic tools from dells website or the support assist . Additionally if i press the tradditional buttons on the touchpad it  rarely starts acting up !!! please ffor the love of god dont tell me todo a test from the bios or what its called by pressing F8 OR F11 or whatever ... do you want to know why because EVERYTHING IS SOLVED WITH A RESTART ON THE MACHINE BUT THEY REAPPEAR!!!!!!AFTER HAVING SPENT 3000$ ON A SUPPOSEDLY HIGH END 2 IN 1 LAPTOP AND HAVING USED IT  SO LITTLE SINCE I BOUGHT IT I AM NOT HAPPY THAT SUCH PROBLEMS APPEAR THAT THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT DOESNT HAVE ANY IDEA WHY THEY OCCUR ! ! ALSO I AM NOT FOND OF THE IDEA OF HAVING A TECHNICIAN COMING TO MY HOME OPENING THE LAPTOP WITH BEAR HANDS WITHOUT ANY ANTI  STATIC GLOVES ON AND CHANGING SOME PARTS WITH A RELATIVE DIFFICULTY...   BESIDES I DONT THINK THAT OPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN THE LAPTOP CHASSI AND CHANGING PARTS THAT A MACHINE PUT TOGETETHER IN THE FIRST PLACE IS GOING TO CHANGE THE SITUATION FOR  THE BETTER . !!! I AM I HIGH END CONSUMER AND FOR THE MONEY I PAID I WANT DELL TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR FAULTY  MACHINE IT IS A SHAME FOR SUCH A COMANY TO HAVE ONE OF THEIR SUPPOSEDLY BEST LAPTOPS HAVING SUCH PROBLEMS . I AM REQUESTING FOR A NEW LAPTOP I WANT MY MONEYS WORTH NOT NEW PARTS ARRIVING IN MY HOUSE WITH A MIDIOCRE TECHNICIAN. I WANT THE MATTER ADRESSED FROM A SUPPERIOR AND NOT FROM A FAKE TECH WIZARD FROM THE FORUM 

thank you in advace

the above picture is from youtube . the translation in english of the message is  "audio performance error. restart your computer while the groove music sends a message saying that it isnt possible to find  an audio device

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