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I really wanted to love my XPS 15 7590

Just recently I came to the saddening realization my laptop which I purchased for audio production is not suitable for the task.

Plagued with power limit throttling while plugged into a WD19TB dock makes the experience one of the most unpleasant endeavors I've ever had to deal with.

My question is why design an build a computer, market it as a production powerhouse and it lack in performance in such a way.

At this point I'm so happy I didn't go with the 8 core model because I hear it's worse.

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I'm with you, and I bought an earlier $2200 XPS 15 earlier for audio production. Most expensive computer I ever had. It has inherent buggy audio, nobody knows how to resolve so I can't use it for dj or production. My 8 year old macbook is better. My $230 refurbished HP is better. Additionally Dell allows a bios update to cause my computer to never boot without a blue screen TPM device (?) error, which goes on forever and causes super overheating. That goes on today even though I don't use XPS for anything audio related. I'm not a bios hacker so I'm not going to brick it trying to mess with bios. Internet wifi drops out periodically. I've posted about all these things here and never once received any help from this Dell forum, from Dell. Other than users pointing me to where the mega thread of misery is. I thought it was going to be an awesome super computer and all I get from Dell are the automated bot messages asking what my service tag is (out of warranty of course). I don't get how they can let people be in the dark and run a no-help forum where common problems go on for years unaddressed.
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