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Inspiron G3 17-3779, continuous freeze

Hi everyone,

I bought a Inspiron G3 17-3779 in October. Recently, with increasing frequency, my laptop has started to freeze without any apparent reason. This happens regardless if the laptop is plugged to the power or not. If it's plugged, it's enough to unplug the power to exit from the freeze. Right now, every 10 minutes or so I have to repeat this operation. I hope i can find here the solution.

Thank you, Michele

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I have the same problem. Dell purports it is a win 10 os problem.  Funny, in their latest customer satisfaction survey they question lock-up freezing.  When having Dell support technician remote connection they dance around the issue performing typical mundane  adjustments e.g. cleaning files.  Recent bios upgrade no help/ Other then the freezing I use the G3 for business and pretty impressed with its performance except with black key blue light keyboard.

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