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Installing a samsung 980 EVO Pro SSD to XPS 13 Plus 9320 issue

Hi guys

I would appreciate for some help pls.

I am wanting to install the samsung SSD 1Tb to 9320 but I'm not having much success.

3 methods I've tried and issues encountered so far:

1. I imaged the original ssd of 9320 and tried to image it onto the new samsung ssd using macrium but could not select it as a destination after installing the samsung ssd into 9320. The samsung SSD showed up in the bios but macrium could not see it . I downloaded intel drivers and tried installing it while in the macrium bootmenu but no luck.

2. So imaged the original ssd of 9320 onto the new samsung ssd using a ssd enclosure through macrium. Installed the samsung ssd onto 9320  but tries to repair windows but fails to do so.

3. I downloaded win 11 iso onto usb and through onetime boot option, tried to clean install win11 but no boot from usb option available despite enabling boot from usb option in the bios.

I've spent 2 weeks and accidentally deleted my backup external hard disk (i tried dos clean disk option.....) trying to get this to work.....

I would be grateful for help to get the system working!


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I actually did my first 22H2 clean install the other day and saw what you are seeing.  This is new and does not appear to give you an option to go around the network requirement.

There was a thread on the Microsoft forum where someone gave a command to give to allow a bypass, so I will look for that.

If I do another install, what I am going to do is try disabling the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the Bios to see if the install will proceed.  Since you don't show any networks available, I would have thought it would have proceeded, but I guess not.

This is that thread, let us know if it works.

How do I go about installing WiFi drivers on my new PC without having - Microsoft Community

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Try this

1. At “Let’s connect you to a network” screen, press SHIFT+F10 keys together. It’ll launch Command Prompt window on the top of setup wizard window.

2. Now type OOBE\BYPASSNRO in Command Prompt window and press Enter.

3. The setup will restart your computer and after reboot, you’ll get a new option “I don’t have Internet” to skip the Internet connection requirement.

Click on the option and you’ll be see next step to create and setup a local user account to complete the installation process.

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Hi everyone 

Thanks to everyone s help, I've managed to get the computer up and running.

I thought I d share what I did, so it might help someone.


I used the media creation tool to start a clean install.

I also prepared another external ssd which I copied the driver folders from the original ssd which had windows installed on it. I did this because the Intel optane drivers were not showing up on the list for the Samsung ssd to select.

When asked for the ssd destination, I selected a driver from the external ssd, and chose one from the top down until one worked.

I then used mokeiko s method of bypassing the internet and finished install of windows. Then I loaded the killer wifi driver and Samsung ssd program to get the drivers installed.

It's working good.

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