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Internet speed is terrible on my XPS 13 9360


probably no need to describe it any further, because there are dozens of same threads online.

TLDR: My XPS 13 9360 with Killer wireless 1535 chip has a tarrible bandwidth speed. I have 500 mbit connection with a powerful 5 ghz router, I am measuring stable 500 mbit connection on cable and 250-350 mbit on wifi. My XPS? It starts with 300+ mbit when I start it, and it drops during the speed test drastically, slowly step by step to 15 mbits and lower.

I've tried disabling all power saving options, also specifically for wireless adapter. I've tried uninstalling the Killer drivers using their utility and installing newest drivers. I've also tried installing their Control Center and everything. Simply put - I have performed the clean install as described in their guide. I have also tried downloading a Killer 1535 driver from Dell's website for my laptop, but no luck.

Come on guys, the IT guys are literally swapping their chips on their XPS laptops, which is ridiculous. This is a 1300$ laptop. My 6 years old lowend Acer runs on 350 mbit, and my XPS 13 runs at 10 mbit.

Please, help me resolve this, because this is getting ridiculous.

Thank you very much.


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