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Is Dell flat out denying XPS 9570 GPU problems?

Despite the growing number of users (myself included) reporting GPU performance issues after the BIOS 1.3.1 update - Dell insists they can't find other people with the problem, as reported by notebookcheck.net (link below).

I have received a number of private messages from users with the same issue and noticed threads growing with complaints. Please tweet, tag, email, message about the problem @Anonymous @Alienware @AzorFrank

Big kudos to Alex Alderson for thoroughly researching and reporting on the issue: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-denies-that-the-XPS-15-9570-may-have-a-BIOS-related-GPU-issue.366766.0.html

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Pretty disappointing! My laptop is also affected.

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@Dell-Alan D

@robert p

Please read the notebookcheck.net link in the post. This is related to COLD GPU throttling when under 48 degrees C. It occurred after the BIOS 1.3.1 update on the XPS 9570! 

THE GPU clock-speed and performance drops when running cool (under 48 degrees)


YES, I am aware Dell did cap the upper temperatures to 70/74 degrees - this is a completely different issue!!!


Bump. Same problem. <=48°C isnt COLD btw. Because I dont play too GPU stressing games, ALL my games are effected by this. And not just me, I am sure ALL have the issue up from bios 1.3.1. And I also am sure Dell implemented it by design and is lying about fixing it. The most disgusting thing is though the Dell person saying this on the article: "couldn't find other users reporting the same issue and it has been concluded that this isn't a known issue.", where it was LONG reported by countless people at that time. If this wont be fixed with the next bios after 1.6.0 I will do everything to get a 100% money back for this terrible laptop. This is just ONE of the countless horrible bugs it has, and Dell does nothing about it:

- sleep still buggy, no working S3 sleep


- c state buggy with TB port connected USB devices

- dGPU low temp clock bug <=48°C


- dGPU max temp still at 75°C

- latency still bugged


Yep, it is very very very bad - tech support is a joke. I sure would like to know what happens when D2D or LTT picks up on these serious issues in a YouTube video - potentially millions in damage from lost sales and returns.

Yes <=48°C isn't exactly cold - but that's what this bug is being reported as to get the message across quicker and emphasise the complete absurdity of the situation.

To add to the list:

  • keystrokes not registering after the first press, even with a USB keyboard!
  • Videos stutter for the first few seconds
  • Videos have a low-res grid like pattern after the play-bar disappears

I believe Frank Azor mentioned a fix was in the works for the dpc audio latency on twitter - but that was a while ago...

@Dell-Alan D @dell-robert p

- no option in bios, to turn off every USB device during sleep. this results in bluetooth devices or wireless mice always waking up the laptop by little vibration, even if theyre supposed to sleep. also causes drain during sleep. this has to be CHANGED/implemented.

- relative long boot times compared to other laptops

- slow/laggy Windows 10 animations, bad snappy feeling under Windows, compared to other laptops with same hardware. here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhIodAmBXz4 more about it here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/125615

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I just wanted to right and confirm I am having same issue with dell xps 9570, latest bios as of today, latest gpu driver as today, I even added apps manually to nvidia 3d gpu to force to use gpu, I am getting extremely slow fps when I starts apps or games such as WOW 17-21 FPS, when GPU is working properly after reboot, I have vsync enabled to give me 60fps and I finally hear the GPU fans kick in. I have taken screen shots. Also contacted customer support and they are denying issue, i just emailed them again today so they can start the return process as I will be going with a Razor and I encourage everyone else to return there pc.

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Dell is aware of the GPU issue, despite complete incompetence when first responding to the problem.
I have confirmed that Dell is working on a fix after speaking with Dell Pro Support in Sydney, Australia.
BIOS 1.7 was due to be released around this time - however Dell now has no idea when a fix will be out.

See the link below:



Every BIOS since 1.3.1 has been stuffing up laptops... What is Dell actually doing?

  • GPU Cold throttling (performance drops to under 15% if under 48 degrees)
  • High DPC audio latency (audio crackling and lag with video editing)
  • Missing keystrokes (it appears to be different keys on various dell laptops. I have to press " or ' twice)
  • Bluetooth and connectivity problems (BIOS 1.6 killed my Bluetooth - working after roll back to 1.5)
  • Sleep/suspend S3 mode problems  (although I don't use it much)
  • Dell lying to users about issues and then changing their minds. No cohesion between engineering/support.

@Dell-Alan D @dell-robert p

After months of struggling with the GPU lagging problem on my XPS 15 9570 I finally found a solution that fixes all the issues I had with the graphics performance, unresponsive UI and the graphics switching between the Intel iGPU and the Nvidia GPU.
I just registered to this forum only to post what worked for me so hopefully it may help others as well.

Solution (at least it works for me for two weeks now):

  1. Open Dell Power Manager -> Thermal Management -> Select Ultra Perfromance
    (don't worry if your fan is starting to go crazy and loud)
  2. Close Dell Power Manager and completely uninstall the program
    In my case the Power Manager was responsible for messed up graphics switching and made the dwm.exe periodically take all the GPU power which yielded in lags and unresponsive Windows
  3. Restart your machine
  4. Open the Windows Power Options and change the power plan from Dell to Balanced

If your lucky then this should be all you have to do to fix the problems.
The only drawback is that you don't have control over your fan speed anymore but my machine is very quiet now except for when it's under heavy load.

If you still experience problems then check the following steps:

  1. make sure your bios is at least version 1.15.0
  2. uninstall the Nvidia Graphics driver provided by Dell by using the DDU Tool 
    get the latest driver from Nvidia website and make sure you select the "Studio" version  
  3. uninstall the Intel display driver provided by Dell and download the latest driver from the Intel website
    (the latest Intel drivers are compatible with Dell XPS and install without problems)

If you're still experiencing problems after using the drivers and bios mentioned above, then additionally do the following:

  1. go to programs and software and uninstall the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework 
  2. restart your machine
  3. go to Device Manager and set all yellow marked components of the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework to disabled

This last step shouldn't be necessary but some user mentioned it helped to fix graphics switching problems with the Dell XPS.

Hopefully your machine is now running as expected without any graphics performance issues. 

After more the one year with horrible graphics performance and faulty GPU switching my machine finally runs perfectly smooth and I can use Adobe Premiere and Virtual Machines without any problems. 

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