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Is Dell still replacing swollen XPS 15 9550 batteries?

Hi all! I have an out of warranty XPS 15 9550 and the trackpad is starting to rise badly. I read some other posts in this forum and this article saying that it was a pretty general problem with the 9550 and Dell was giving free battery replacements to this particular problem on this particular model, even when warranty was out. However I called Dell and they told me that the article on that website was wrong and that they don't replace batteries out of warranty, even if they're swelling and dangerous to use. May it be that Dell is not replacing these batteries anymore or the person that took my call was wrong? 

Also, in the meantime, can I take the battery off and use the laptop plugged in?

Thanks in advance!

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Mary G
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Re: Is Dell still replacing swollen XPS 15 9550 batteries?

Yes take out the battery and safely dispose of it out your house. You should have already done that. No more free replacements out of warranty. The battery is a new type that might swell when it fails. The article was probably old and outdated. Use the computer as a desktop replacement with just the adapter. Don’t try to replace the battery. All those for that model seem to be out of stock.
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