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Issue connecting XPS 13 Ubuntu to DOCK (2 external monitors)

Hello everyone, I recently bought an XPS 13 9370, installed Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on it, and connect it to an HP Chromebook Dock (I know some friends who use this type of docks in work with their XPS 13 and it's working for them) but I've issues making it work, I tried the 3 available USB-C ports on the laptop, on 2 of the ports, it has to boot to ubuntu desktop to recognize the screens, the other one recognizes the screens from grub to ubuntu desktop boot, which is really cool, but the issue is when I try to change the disposition of the screens, and when press apply, ALL SCREENS TURN BLACK, laptop's and external's, I tried to upgrade bios, ubuntu and searched for a week on the internet if there is a similar use case to mine. Waiting for your feedback folks ^^