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January 2020 Status of Circuit Whine in XPS 15

What is the current status of circuit whine on 8750H/9750H? I had a 7700HQ 9560 and it was delightful. Sold it and bought an Aero 17 w/9750H. Worst computer mistake ever! A variety of software/firmware issues, but circuit whine is just awful. Even when charging with no activity, it chirps like a mouse. Only way I can fix it is to disable turbo. 

I see lots of posts here about it. Seems like no hexacore i7 is exempt from this. Has Dell made any progress on circuit whine? Is anyone working on it? At this point, I am seriously considering buying a 9560 again. 

It stinks when you want to spend money and there is nothing acceptable to buy!!!




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I wanted to update this topic for the benefit of others concerned about this issue. I took a leap of faith and ordered an XPS 15 with 9750H.

I'm happy to report that it has no meaningful coil whine like I have experienced with Gigabyte Aero and others have experienced with many others. 

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It can be a software or driver issue, at least it was for me. I have a Dell Alienware Area51M with a 9th Gen i7 9700K CPU. Try formatting and reinstalling Windows 10, without using any backup/restore media from Dell. Then create restore points which can be good to have in case the coil whine appears again.


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