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Keyboard and Mouse KM7321W fn+arrows support

On most laptops the fn+arrows keys have extra functions (home, end, PgUp, PgDn). This keyboard has the fn-key but the hardware is not configured to use the fn+arrow combination.

The fn-key cannot be changed by software. The KB7221W keyboard (which is part of the KM7321W keyboard/mouse set) can be updated through an firmware.


@DELL: Please add the fn+arrow key functions like configured on your laptops?

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This is a user to user help forum. See if this helps--

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM7321W User's Guide

Most KB's today use the FN key for changing the behavior of the F1-F12 keys.

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Yeah, thats true. Laptops like the XPS also have an fn-key function for the arrow keys, esc, and prt scr keys.

That's why I asked to add the arrow keys too.


XPS keyboard



KM7321W keyboard



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