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Keyboard beeps when any key is pressed after new motherboard

I recently installed a new motherboard on my Dell XPS L502X laptop. It's running Windows 10. Now, whenever I press any key, I get a BIOS beep. I can turn my sound off, my systems sound off, and I've doubled checked sticky keys and the like. It still beeps with EVERY key. And it's not a regular systems beep, it's that highly annoying BIOS beep. Thank God I normally use an external keyboard, and that one doesn't beep. Also, while it does beep, the keys do work. I could type fine if I was deaf.

 Did I just not reconnect a wire for the keyboard correctly? I don't want to pull my computer apart for no reason. I'd assume that if the wire was loose, then the keyboard wouldn't type at all, or wouldn't type properly. I've googled the problem to no avail. This seems to be a new error that I have the distinct pleasure of discovering first. Yay...

 Please help...

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Re: Keyboard beeps when any key is pressed after new motherb

Run some app/script that logs entered key codes and check that:

  • new keyboard does not send more than one char on each press (ie. some key might be stuck causing such issues)
  • logged key codes are the same as those you get by typing on external keyboard

If you will not find something suspicious there i guess problem will be connection related (loose connector, broken or smashed ribbon cable, broken connector socket) or caused by keyboard controller (ie. scratched PCB paths, smd component failure).

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