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Keyboard "cover" for when you are using your XPS as a tablet...

Hello all -- I am brand new to this forum, and wanted to jump right in! LOL. I have an XPS 15, loaded, top of the line Pro Support service, tech support, etc., plan and coverage...and the machine is very good. I am sure I am only using it to a fraction of it's capabilities, but, hey, I am technologically handicapped, LOL.

So, when I use my XPS as a tablet, the keyboard is on the other side of the street. It could be in my hands, or face down on a surface. Is there any "cover" or protective sleeve type thing I can get to protect the keyboard? I notice then when I put it face down on a smooth, nice surface, like my desk in the office, not only can the laptop "slide" a bit, but it can leave marks on my desk.

Any cover or protective sleeve, or anything I can buy to help me with this? Thank you in advance!

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Try the premier sleeve that Dell sells separately from the laptop.  You can also purchase a generic one for cheaper

Thank you! I have that sleeve -- it's excellent. However, it's more used for transporting/carrying the laptop when you don't want to carry an entire bag. It's very nice. I like it. But I can't use it when I am using the device as a tablet.

Thanks again.

Why not?  You can just put the sleeve underneath the laptop when you're using it on a surface

On a surface, yes! You are absolutely correct! More often, I find myself carrying or "cradling" the tablet, walking, etc.


ever find such a "cover"?

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