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Laptop Stuck on dell logo after doing a full wipe of SSD

My computer already was having issues and was crashing randomly so I decided to completely wipe my SSD to see if that would fix the problem. After coming back to my computer after a while, the screen was black so I thought that it was not working and decided to press the power button to shut down the laptop. However, when I opened it back up it has been stuck on the dell logo for 3hrs now and has not changed. Is there a fix to this?

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When you said you decided to "completely wipe [your] SSD" how exactly did you go about doing that?

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In addition to what @d5123101 has asked, keep in mind that stuck on the logo means a no POST on the system. You can also try pulling the SSD and try to boot. If the system does boot then there may be a problem with the SSD.

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I did it through the windows recovery feature. Then I clicked get started. Then I selected the remove everything option. Then selected the cloud download option. Then also clean the data. 


Thx for the advice but I am hopefully looking for an option that does not require me taking apart my laptop.

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What you described is not quite the same as wiping your SSD. Anyways, when you boot up and if you are continuously hitting the F12 can you get to the one time boot menu? If so, go ahead and run a BIOS diagnostics and report the results.

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It says that all tests were passed Successfully.


I think it will be a lot faster and simpler if you perform a clean Windows installation using Microsoft Windows Creation Tool.

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