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Laptop bottom very warm

Had my XPS 13 a few months now and noticed a steady increase in temperature on bottom of case when charging battery. Anyone else notice their XPS 13 being unusually warm charging?

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Post the full model number so someone can help. Lots of xps 13 laptops out there. To find the exact model number--Settings, System, About.

Sorry, 9360 model 8250u CPU 256Gb SSD 8 GB RAM Windows 10 64 bit 1809 version. Just to add the adapter also get's very warm as well in a couple spots my laser temp gun reads 125 degree's. I know many get pretty hot so not so surprised at that. Only way to keep bottom cool while charging is to shut down PC. Otherwise not charging notebook runs pretty cool even under load, so I suspect much of the heat generated coming from battery for some reason. Just my observation and maybe its just because the notebook is thin, small and the type of material is acting as a heat sink? 

Hey, I have the same issue with my new XPS 13 9380, the support assist tried everything but nothing worked so far, did you fix your problem?


Could you share the temperature readings after the driver's updates? Also, click on the links to Disable Turbo boost within BIOS and Windows.


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