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Laptop doesn't turn on when bottom cover is attached

I'm facing a very frustrating and weird problem with my Dell XPS 15 9570. It all started with a malfunctioning battery which wouldn't charge and drain out quickly. I had the battery replaced but the laptop still wouldn't power on occasionally or shut down on it's own. My power adapter cord wasn't in good condition so I thought that could be the problem and bought a new one. However, the issue still continued and it only became worse. I unscrewed the bottom cover to see if the battery was properly attached and noticed something strange while I was diagnosing my laptop.

The laptop works perfectly fine without the bottom base cover attached. It turns on and works fine with AC power and on battery. The LED light flashes white, as it normally does, when I plug in the power adapter. It's an entirely different story when the bottom base cover is attached though. It completely stops turning on and even the LED light doesn't flash when I plug in the power adapter.

Could it be a problem with the laptop heatsink and pipes interfering with the bottom cover? Did I do something wrong when I initially unscrewed the bottom cover? Has anyone faced anything similar? 

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Look for something shorting out -- making contact where it should not be.

The base cover is metal, and usually insulated with paint or a plastic layer on the inside.  If it's grounding something, it could easily cause the problem.

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HI, I'm currently running into the same problem. Did you by any chance find a solution?


It was due to faulty motherboard and power jack. I had to sent it to Dell for repairs.

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