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Latest Realtek drivers for Dell 9520 is terrible

XPS 15 9520

Hello I was wondering when there will be an improved realtek sound driver for Dell XPS 9520?

The latest driver creates distortion (6.0.9369.1, A01)

I also have a  9510 with the latest audio drivers (6.0.9261.1, A08) and that one sounds far amazing.

I managed to get the same sound on 9520 but with a 9510 driver older version (6.0.9172.1, A01) but some things weren't linked properly.

Is there any way to tell the devs for the next realtek software to somehow port the (6.0.9261.1, A08) to the latest for 9520?

I know that audio can improve with newer drivers just wondering if its possible.


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Dell has recently posted a 6.0.9430.1 A25 Realtek audio driver for the XPS 15 9520 on November 24.
not sure if this new one will solve those problems you're having

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I found it's hilarious as it seems others are having opposite experience with the driver as in this forum post.

If the new driver doesn't help, you may want to check the Waves settings to see if the audio enhancement distribute to the problem.

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